India is the land of creativity with art and culture found in every part of the country. Adding a little more sparkle to it is the Madhubani paintings or Mithila paintings.

These eye-catching paintings are done with the help of fingers, twigs, brushes, nib-pens, and match sticks. They are mainly practiced in the Mithila region of India and Nepal. They use natural dyes and pigments for the colours and give life to the fascinating geometric patterns. The designs of the paintings are based on some particular rituals or occasions such as Holi, birth or marriage, Kali puja, Upanayana, Durga puja and many more. They highlight the festive colours of India.

While you may heard about Madhubani, it’s a whole way of life altogether! So here we are here with ten unknown and interesting facts about the Madhubani paintings.

  1. Ramayana Period: – As you know the theme of the Madhubani paintings or the Mithila paintings are based on religious themes. Such as images of God like Lord Krishna, some scenes from Mahabharata and many more. As per history, the origin of the paintings goes back to the time of Ramayana during Sita’s marriage, where a large number of artists were instructed to paint the entire kingdom with this unique art.

  2. Unique Style of Painting: – The artist or the painters used natural colours that are made using paste of cow dung and mud, which gave a better texture to the walls making it easier to paint. They used turmeric, lime and indigo for colours. Likely the red colour was extracted from the red sandalwood or rose and the juice of kusum flower gave crimson hue. Natural ingredients were the source of their colours.

  3. Discovery of Madhubani Paintings: – The Madhubani paintings were discovered in the year 1934 by the British officer William G Archer, who went for inspection of the region.

  4. Deforestation Prevention: – Madhubani painters use the paintings as a mode to prevent cutting down of the trees. They use to paint the images of Hindu deities on the tree which prevented them from being cut down as for the strong religious belief.

  5. Geometric Design: – The paintings also match the modern world floral paintings, with stunning geometric designs and vibrant colours.

  6. No Sketch: – The painters make use of bold hues to paint the geometric designs and the floral patterns. They never make use of sketch and this makes the paintings unique.

  7. Concept: – They are drawn according to a fix theme using which symbols, lines, and the floral patterns are made.

  8. Home Wall to Textile Design: – In today’s world of commercialization, the Madhubani paintings have gained a lot more popularity. Now these paintings are not only used to decorate your wall but are also found on sarees, dupattas, suits etc.

  9. International Demand: – Outside the Indian boundaries, there’s popular demand for Madhubani including countries.

  10. Dedicated Organizations: – To help this form of art to grow, there are many organizations working to popularize the Madhubani paintings and many online handicrafts store are started selling these paintings online because of its popularity.

These paintings are just not only just traditional but are also full of vibrant colours and shapes that offer a much better look to your home décor.