Achieve Consistency in Your Color Outputs with Pantone Color Guide 

Colors are beautiful but often confusing. You can easily make a selection out of the solid colors but when it is a mixed color strip, it is pretty obvious to experience the chaos. Big brands never rely on the mixed colors while choosing a specific color for all of its products. In the marketing domain, the products reach multiple mediums and apart from the basic information about the company and the product specifications, the color has to be the same. The change in color makes the brand’s image dodgy or breaks the consistency in its reputation. The Pantone Color Guide helps you choose the right color for your creations or products so that maximum uniformity is availed.

The Pantone Color Guide provides consistency to a brand’s growth by helping it get a defined color composition for its products reaching multiple mediums. The primary aspects to consider while choosing a color for the brand’s marketing are the Official logo’s color and font. The Pantone Color Guide does the work for you on the color part. Using the guide, you will be able to maintain the same color for your product in different mediums. Be it the business card, a webpage or a video clip displaying your official logo and company’s official design – the color composition will be the same in every case. The color guides are a great tool to get the consistent outputs in the print and web mediums.

The color guides are also helpful in the textile and interior designing domains. It is very unprofessional to produce multiple outfits with a similar design but non-consistent color composition. The color guide makes your color selection effortless. There are multiple paper strips in the guide containing a plethora of spot colors and the newly introduced colors in the market. You can not only expect the same output for the textile domain but the color guides work wonders in the interior designing sector as well. The guide will help you to get the perfect color match for your walls complementing your furniture and curtain colors.

The Pantone Color Guide is a travel-friendly product that you can carry anywhere in your pocket. This is a great tool for the new employees in the textile, graphic or interior design world who are always at a risk of redoing the thousands of logo outputs due to a minor color mismatch. The pantone guide is very economic and endures well with pretty low maintenance. The Pantone inks are not ordinary inks that fade away easily to can ditch you at the time of color selection. High-quality ink is used to create these compelling guides to avail the users with its amazing benefits.