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Top Reasons to Invest in a Tailor-Made Suit

Whilst there’s no denying that it’s completely possible to find an off-the-rack suit that fits comfortably and flatters you well, most guys would agree that a custom-made option is always the better choice when it comes to picking which type of suit to invest your money in. Whether you’re buying a new suit for an upcoming special occasion or simply want to have this important wardrobe staple ready to wear, we’ve listed some of the best reasons to invest in an expertly made-to-measure suit.

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Reason #1. Save Time

Although you might think that getting measured up for a suit and waiting for it to be crafted to your exact measurements will take longer than simply choosing an off-the-peg suit, in many cases it can actually save you a lot of time. When you buy tailor made suits Bangkok, your tailor will know your exact measurements, meaning that there’s no need for you to browse through a selection of different suits to try them for size – once the suit is made, you’re pretty much guaranteed that it’s going to be a perfect fit.

Reason #2. Better Fit

When it comes to choosing a new suit, one of the main things that you’ll quickly realise about off-the-rack options is that they are all made to fit the ‘average’ guy. Because of this, most men find when buying a ready-made suit, there is always some part of the suit that doesn’t fit them properly. On the other hand, when you opt for a tailor-made suit, you can be sure that it will fit perfectly. Along with that, since tailor made suits are made to measure with you in mind, they’re also much easier to alter and change to adapt to any changes that your body goes through over time.

Reason #3. Save Money

For a suit that is made to your exact measurements and provides a perfect fit, you’d expect to be paying a lot more than you would when buying a standard suit option from your local department store. And, in many ways, this is right – most of the time, you can expect to pay out a lot more initially when it comes to getting a tailor-made suit. However, in the long run, opting for a made to measure suit can be one of the best ways to save money on your fashion options; over time, your tailor-made suit will last a lot longer and you’ll be less likely to spend extra money to replace it.

Reason #4. You Can Make It Your Own

Finally, one of the best reasons to opt for a tailor-made suit is that you can truly make it your own. Unlike when buying off-the-rack where your options are narrowed down, you’re able to choose every aspect of the suit and design it exactly how you would like it, including the colour, cut, fabric, and everything else, right down to the lapel and buttons.

Would you invest in a tailor-made suit? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.


India is the land of creativity with art and culture found in every part of the country. Adding a little more sparkle to it is the Madhubani paintings or Mithila paintings.

These eye-catching paintings are done with the help of fingers, twigs, brushes, nib-pens, and match sticks. They are mainly practiced in the Mithila region of India and Nepal. They use natural dyes and pigments for the colours and give life to the fascinating geometric patterns. The designs of the paintings are based on some particular rituals or occasions such as Holi, birth or marriage, Kali puja, Upanayana, Durga puja and many more. They highlight the festive colours of India.

While you may heard about Madhubani, it’s a whole way of life altogether! So here we are here with ten unknown and interesting facts about the Madhubani paintings.

  1. Ramayana Period: – As you know the theme of the Madhubani paintings or the Mithila paintings are based on religious themes. Such as images of God like Lord Krishna, some scenes from Mahabharata and many more. As per history, the origin of the paintings goes back to the time of Ramayana during Sita’s marriage, where a large number of artists were instructed to paint the entire kingdom with this unique art.

  2. Unique Style of Painting: – The artist or the painters used natural colours that are made using paste of cow dung and mud, which gave a better texture to the walls making it easier to paint. They used turmeric, lime and indigo for colours. Likely the red colour was extracted from the red sandalwood or rose and the juice of kusum flower gave crimson hue. Natural ingredients were the source of their colours.

  3. Discovery of Madhubani Paintings: – The Madhubani paintings were discovered in the year 1934 by the British officer William G Archer, who went for inspection of the region.

  4. Deforestation Prevention: – Madhubani painters use the paintings as a mode to prevent cutting down of the trees. They use to paint the images of Hindu deities on the tree which prevented them from being cut down as for the strong religious belief.

  5. Geometric Design: – The paintings also match the modern world floral paintings, with stunning geometric designs and vibrant colours.

  6. No Sketch: – The painters make use of bold hues to paint the geometric designs and the floral patterns. They never make use of sketch and this makes the paintings unique.

  7. Concept: – They are drawn according to a fix theme using which symbols, lines, and the floral patterns are made.

  8. Home Wall to Textile Design: – In today’s world of commercialization, the Madhubani paintings have gained a lot more popularity. Now these paintings are not only used to decorate your wall but are also found on sarees, dupattas, suits etc.

  9. International Demand: – Outside the Indian boundaries, there’s popular demand for Madhubani including countries.

  10. Dedicated Organizations: – To help this form of art to grow, there are many organizations working to popularize the Madhubani paintings and many online handicrafts store are started selling these paintings online because of its popularity.

These paintings are just not only just traditional but are also full of vibrant colours and shapes that offer a much better look to your home décor.

How to have fun when you are alone?

When you say that you are alone, it means you are not quite happy or content with that state and crave for a companion or friend with whom you can have some quality time. Or put in some other way, you have some free time which can be put into some meaningful/useful ways. Here, are some suggestions which you can apply in your life whenever you are alone.

Learn baking cakes: Many say that this is the most satisfying kind of killing that “alone” time. Generally, we all have those basic ingredients required to bake a cake and you just need the equipment to implement this action. In case you don’t have a microwave, you can always use a pressure cooker for baking a cake. Mixing flour, sugar, butter, vanilla essence, and other flavors would make you feel so good and with some series of baking you can excel in this area. Once you are a stalwart there, you can then send cakes in Dubai through Ferns N Petals to some close friend to wish on a happy occasion.

Learn Salsa or other dance form: It’s not important that every time you have to get enrolled in some dancing class to learn dancing. In today’s age and time, learning has become fun and easier. Just switch on some YouTube channel and learn the basics of Salsa, Tango, Cha Cha, or any other form of dance you have ever wanted to learn. This alone time and its escapade would make you a terrific dancer when you are in a group.

Start blogging: This is one of the easiest and most satisfying form of spending the time alone. Once upon a time, may be you used to write daily journals – right? But with time, none actually keeps that much of patience to continue with diary writing. The new age diary writing is synonymous to blogging but the only difference is there is a world who can read your diary. If you are in that mind to share your feelings and observations with the world, just unleash your creative writing skills.

Invest into Gardening: Gardening and bringing green population in home is a lovely idea when you are alone. Trees and plants are seriously lovely companions for us. Most people who prefer to stay alone by compulsion or by choice, sometime in life succumb to this habit. Bonsai, lucky bamboo, gardenia, jasmine, basil, etc. there are some innumerable plants that can be brought home and taken care of.

Yoga and meditation: This is the best medicine for any kind of soul as it is spiritually transforming. For this you have to learn it from some reputed center and when you are alone you can practice this and feel better. Relax and stay stress free with yoga practices. You would get many introductory videos on various social websites if you don’t want to enroll in some center right now. You would finally start enjoying this alone time and be a better person.

Fun and Healthy Hobbies to Try This Summer

In the winter, many of us are guilty of getting in from work, putting the kids to bed and then getting straight into our pajamas and snuggling in for the night. We don’t want to spend extra time outdoors and can’t find the motivation to do anything productive at home. But, as the days get longer we get a new lease of life, making this the perfect time to have a go at some new hobbies. Here are some great ideas if you are looking for some fun and healthy ways to spend your free time this summer.

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Running is a fantastic hobby. It’s a brilliant way to keep fit and healthy and reduce your stress levels. Many people find running incredibly relaxing once they build up some stamina and start to enjoy it. If you’ve never run before, try a couch to 5k program to get started. The first week might feel like hell but you’ll be amazed at how quickly your fitness levels improve and how much you start to look forward to your runs.


Crafts aren’t just a great hobby, they can also save you a lot of money. Pinterest can be a brilliant source of inspiration and there is so much that you can try. You could spend time making your own jewelry or clothing, have a go at card making and gifts, or even try DIY soap making. Who knows, one day you could end up making money or even a career from your crafting hobby.


Photography is a lovely hobby. To take it seriously, you’ll need a quality camera but when you’re starting out, it’s fine to just head out with your smartphone. Practice framing shots and experimenting with composition to see if you enjoy it before investing in expensive equipment. Photography is a great hobby as you can use it to capture special moments throughout the years.


Unless you’ve got a job which involves writing, you probably stopped when you left school. As an adult, there are many ways to get back into writing. Look for freelance writing assignments, write stories or poems for yourself, or start a blog and learn other new skills too. You may find you discover a love for writing which you left behind a long time ago.

Team Sports

Team sports are something else we largely leave behind with school. But, as an adult, playing team sports can be great fun, fantastic stress relief and a brilliant way to keep fit. You could join a local team playing sports such as netball, soccer, softball or roller derby or just enjoy a regular kick about in the park with friends and family.


Adult coloring is such a popular hobby that a lack of artistic talent doesn’t need to inhibit your creativity. Art comes in many different forms, from coloring in to watercolor landscapes. Make the most of the nicer weather by going out into your garden and trying your hand at creating a masterpiece.

Hobbies are a brilliant way to have some fun, keep fit, learn new skills and catch up with friends. Try a few things out until you find something that you enjoy and feel passionate about.

Achieve Consistency in Your Color Outputs with Pantone Color Guide 

Colors are beautiful but often confusing. You can easily make a selection out of the solid colors but when it is a mixed color strip, it is pretty obvious to experience the chaos. Big brands never rely on the mixed colors while choosing a specific color for all of its products. In the marketing domain, the products reach multiple mediums and apart from the basic information about the company and the product specifications, the color has to be the same. The change in color makes the brand’s image dodgy or breaks the consistency in its reputation. The Pantone Color Guide helps you choose the right color for your creations or products so that maximum uniformity is availed.

The Pantone Color Guide provides consistency to a brand’s growth by helping it get a defined color composition for its products reaching multiple mediums. The primary aspects to consider while choosing a color for the brand’s marketing are the Official logo’s color and font. The Pantone Color Guide does the work for you on the color part. Using the guide, you will be able to maintain the same color for your product in different mediums. Be it the business card, a webpage or a video clip displaying your official logo and company’s official design – the color composition will be the same in every case. The color guides are a great tool to get the consistent outputs in the print and web mediums.

The color guides are also helpful in the textile and interior designing domains. It is very unprofessional to produce multiple outfits with a similar design but non-consistent color composition. The color guide makes your color selection effortless. There are multiple paper strips in the guide containing a plethora of spot colors and the newly introduced colors in the market. You can not only expect the same output for the textile domain but the color guides work wonders in the interior designing sector as well. The guide will help you to get the perfect color match for your walls complementing your furniture and curtain colors.

The Pantone Color Guide is a travel-friendly product that you can carry anywhere in your pocket. This is a great tool for the new employees in the textile, graphic or interior design world who are always at a risk of redoing the thousands of logo outputs due to a minor color mismatch. The pantone guide is very economic and endures well with pretty low maintenance. The Pantone inks are not ordinary inks that fade away easily to can ditch you at the time of color selection. High-quality ink is used to create these compelling guides to avail the users with its amazing benefits.

Look And Feel Gorgeous At Wedding – Top Ideas To Wear Diamond Jewellery In Right Way

Apart from buying the right piece of jewellery, wearing it in the perfect way is also equally important to look beautiful and charming. Wearing diamond jewellery in wedding is trendy nowadays. However, many people get confused while pairing their diamond jewellery with their outfit.

Diamond shopping is a bit riskier than gold since you may not be sure about value of diamond. So, it is always advisable to pick up diamond necklace designs offering maximum guarantee and having versatility. Pick up the things that can suite multiple events or occasions to be used later and play safe!

Tips for wearing the right pieces of diamond jewellery for wedding

  • Nose-rings

Many of the Indian customs insist on Nose-rings for bride. You can select a right diamond nose ring in silver or gold. Rings with tear drop can also look very graceful. However, if you want large nose-ring, make sure to pick one having either group of stones that are arranged in single piece or single stone.

  • Earrings

Gone are the days where only heavy jewellery was opted for wedding day! These days, wearing diamond studs for the wedding will also give you gorgeous looks. If you want to look contemporary, pick up chandelier earrings having tiny diamonds. They will catch light each time that you tilt your head.

  • Rings

Relationships are very precious just like gems. So, make sure to see that your engagement or wedding ring has diamond. If you like wearing rings having delicate diamonds, you can even pile up couple of them on different digits. The best way here is to pick up rings having one stone. It will not only reduce maintenance, but will even ensure that it gels properly with other pieces of jewellery including your gold necklace!

Tips for wearing necklaces in wedding!

Just buying the best diamond necklace won’t make you look like a princess unless you find the best way to put it on. Diamond necklaces are best worn in evening since wearing them on during daytime may be considered as a mauvais bunch.

Moreover, no matter whether you are going to wear a diamond or gold necklace designs, it is important to choose the outfit that can blend properly with each of your necklace. Your outfit must also meet highest attire standards.

If you are wearing any other jewellery, make sure that it matches with the stone necklace that you wear. For instance, if you are wearing white gold diamond bracelet, ensure to wear earrings made up of white gold as well as designed with gemstones. Precious stone necklaces can be just the perfect choice for public dinner, evening night out, reception, and any such special occasion.

Keep the combination decent. For example, going for minimal earrings can be a good idea if your necklace is large. You can even wear multi-layered necklace or even a simple choker.

Experimenting different ways can prove to be useful sometimes. However, following the above rules and guidelines while wearing diamond jewellery for wedding can really enhance your appearance and looks!

Mike Wants to Go for Basketball

Mike has started to work out with me every morning. Of course I go off running so that I can keep my weight under control and not end up having to diet. I like to enjoy the foods that I enjoy and they tend to make you fat. Mike has different objectives. He is tall for his age, over six feet tall at the age of fourteen. That means he has a bit of an advantage at basketball, but he has no heft. So he puts on his light up shoes and goes out with me to run on alternate days. On the other days he lifts weights. All of the time he is drinking these protein shakes which are supposed to help you add muscle mass if you use them in combination with regular work outs. The boy is really showing a lot more stick to it than I would have expected. He stayed with it all winter long and it is starting to show a lot of benefit.

Here’s What You Want To Consider When You Buy Baby Clothes

Buying clothes for babies is not at all easy to do. In fact, you will normally end up making a really bad choice simply because you do not think about the important factors of interest. What is really important is to be sure you conduct a really good research. At the same time, there are various factors you will want to take into account as you buy the baby clothes. Keep in mind that everything counts from style to finances. Always think about the following when you buy baby clothes.


By far one of the factors that are dismissed but that are really important is comfort. You want to be sure the considered baby clothes are as comfortable as possible. When they are not comfortable the child will not feel well when they wear the clothes. Babies naturally have sensitive skin so you want to avoid the possibility of getting rashes because of choosing clothes that are not comfortable.


When you are creating a blog or you compose a song, you are interested in it being appreciated by someone. The same thing is with the baby clothes. However, what many forget about is functionality. This is true when buying practically anything at the moment. Adorable clothes are not great when they will not be worn as the baby feels miserable when doing that. Remember that since you buy clothes for babies, snap crotches are normally recommended.


This is where most parents get it wrong. Baby clothes end up being really expensive since the child is growing and you end up constantly having to buy new clothes. When you buy it is important to be sure the right size is chosen, all based on age and characteristics. Baby gender is also of importance in this case, especially when buying unisex clothes.


It is really important that you think about the placements of snaps, bows and buttons when you buy baby clothes. Delicate materials can be present so you should be sure functionality and comfort is guaranteed. This would be impossible when the buttons are improperly placed.

Seasonal Clothes

You want to think about season when you buy baby clothes. Many parents skip that. You need to be sure the baby is going to be protected from heat and coldness.


Last but not least, style will be a factor parents have to consider when buying baby clothes. All babies and parents love stylish outfits. Fashionable babies always seem to be cuter. Just be sure functionality and comfort are never neglected because of style considerations.


All the factors we mentioned above are really important when you buy baby clothes. It is important that what you buy is appropriate, comfortable and you should never mainly think about how much money you are going to spend. This would be a huge mistake. Look online for different opportunities if you have budget problems or you simply want to see what is now available and what is not. You can find something you knew nothing about.

Explaining to My New Husband What the Resort Wear Budget Category Was

My husband was analyzing the budget I made for our vacation trip to a beach resort. It was going to be our honeymoon and our first vacation together. We got married during a transitional phase at work for both of us, and we had to postpone our honeymoon. That was fine, because we were going at the end of winter. What better time for a trip to where the sunshine is bright? Anyway, he was looking at the flight, rental car and hotel expenses. He was looking over the other amounts I budgeted. He asked me what the resort wear category was. I explained to him that I did not want to go to a beach resort unless I had the wardrobe for it.

He was just going to pack two pairs of swim trunks and a pair of old flip flops for his beachwear. I explained to him that we were not going to look like beach bums at a beach resort. I told him that the resort wear budget also included items for him, including a couple new pairs of sandals and flip flops. He took a look at what I picked out for him, and he liked it.

Creative Tips Of Reusing Clothes That No Longer Fit

Whether you’ve received some ill-fitting clothes for Christmas or Hanukkah with no gift receipt, or you’re just excited to kick off the new year with a purge of old clothes, it’s likely you have some clothes on your hands that don’t fit you very well.

Don’t resign yourself to an overcrowded closet or wearing unflattering clothes, though. Whether you’re an expert seamstress or a dud at DIY, or even if you just want to make some extra cash, here are seven easy and creative ways to reuse these clothes.

1. Reuse old t-shirts to make pillows

Our favorite thing about old t-shirts is how soft they are — why not put that to good use by making them into pillows? Just cut off the sleeves, fill them with pillow stuffing, and sew up the bottom. If you aren’t handy with a needle and thread, you can even duct tape the opening for a quick fix. Pillow stuffing is cheap to buy online or at most craft stores, or if you’re trying to get rid of even more t-shirts, you can stuff your t-shirt pillow with more rolled-up t-shirts.Bonus: if pillows aren’t really your thing, consider making a quilt!

Quilts are great for using up old clothes or other fabric. And if all the different squares don’t match, it doesn’t matter! Quilts look better the more diverse they are.

2. Treat your pet to an adorable outfit

Those old jeans may not look cute on you anymore… but there’s no way they wouldn’t be cute on your puppy. If you’re not an ambitious enough at sewing to make dog pants, try something easier: pop a small t-shirt onto a mid- to large-sized dog, or cut up fabric to use for a dog bandana.

3. Turn sleeveless shirts into bags
A tank top becomes a tote bag

Sew the bottom of a tank top together and you have a perfect shopping bag with a little extra personality. Bonus points: save the environment even more by saying no to shopping bags. If you live in a state where they charge for shopping bags, count this a money saver as well!

4. Turn tattered clothes into headbands

Headbands, bandanas, or other hair pieces are a snap to make. Just cut a long strip of fabric or a square out of your favorite shirt or skirt, and you’re ready to go. Whether for going out, running, or just cleaning the house, an extra bandana or headband to keep your hair out of your face can always come in handy.

5. Take tight or short clothes and turn them into a sexy Halloween costume

Is that flannel shirt a little tight? Pair it with some short jorts for a sexy cowgirl look — just because it’s not work appropriate doesn’t mean it’s not perfect for Halloween. Other good costume ideas for too-small clothing include: sexy boy scout or girl scout, sexy teacher, or sexy librarian.

6. Sell them for some extra cash
You’d be surprised — selling your clothes at second-hand clothing stores can add up to a pretty decent pay day. While you’ll often only get a few dollars for each piece, you never know which old items might suddenly be in demand again, or even be considered vintage.

7. Donate them to the needy
Because nothing feels better around the holidays than sharing with those less fortunate, why not give away old clothes to the needy? Goodwill or the Salvation Army have drop off locations all over the country, and it’s a great feeling to know that the clothes that no longer fit you may look just perfect on somebody else.