Explaining to My New Husband What the Resort Wear Budget Category Was

My husband was analyzing the budget I made for our vacation trip to a beach resort. It was going to be our honeymoon and our first vacation together. We got married during a transitional phase at work for both of us, and we had to postpone our honeymoon. That was fine, because we were going at the end of winter. What better time for a trip to where the sunshine is bright? Anyway, he was looking at the flight, rental car and hotel expenses. He was looking over the other amounts I budgeted. He asked me what the resort wear category was. I explained to him that I did not want to go to a beach resort unless I had the wardrobe for it.

He was just going to pack two pairs of swim trunks and a pair of old flip flops for his beachwear. I explained to him that we were not going to look like beach bums at a beach resort. I told him that the resort wear budget also included items for him, including a couple new pairs of sandals and flip flops. He took a look at what I picked out for him, and he liked it. Like there would be any doubt. I know this guy inside and out. He likes an adventure, but he is not much for the outfitting department. That is, unless he is going into the Arctic or a jungle environment. Then he knows every piece of gear to take and how much it will weigh. When it comes to going to the beach, he would make due with one outfit for a week. Yeah, I know, right?

We were waiting for our resort wear to arrive in the mail, and then we would just be a few days away from our honeymoon/vacation. Two full weeks in a tropical paradise where you can wade out into crystal clear water for hundreds of yards without it ever getting too deep. We were even going to spend time in a resort hut on the water. I could hardly wait!