Fun and Healthy Hobbies to Try This Summer

In the winter, many of us are guilty of getting in from work, putting the kids to bed and then getting straight into our pajamas and snuggling in for the night. We don’t want to spend extra time outdoors and can’t find the motivation to do anything productive at home. But, as the days get longer we get a new lease of life, making this the perfect time to have a go at some new hobbies. Here are some great ideas if you are looking for some fun and healthy ways to spend your free time this summer.

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Running is a fantastic hobby. It’s a brilliant way to keep fit and healthy and reduce your stress levels. Many people find running incredibly relaxing once they build up some stamina and start to enjoy it. If you’ve never run before, try a couch to 5k program to get started. The first week might feel like hell but you’ll be amazed at how quickly your fitness levels improve and how much you start to look forward to your runs.


Crafts aren’t just a great hobby, they can also save you a lot of money. Pinterest can be a brilliant source of inspiration and there is so much that you can try. You could spend time making your own jewelry or clothing, have a go at card making and gifts, or even try DIY soap making. Who knows, one day you could end up making money or even a career from your crafting hobby.


Photography is a lovely hobby. To take it seriously, you’ll need a quality camera but when you’re starting out, it’s fine to just head out with your smartphone. Practice framing shots and experimenting with composition to see if you enjoy it before investing in expensive equipment. Photography is a great hobby as you can use it to capture special moments throughout the years.


Unless you’ve got a job which involves writing, you probably stopped when you left school. As an adult, there are many ways to get back into writing. Look for freelance writing assignments, write stories or poems for yourself, or start a blog and learn other new skills too. You may find you discover a love for writing which you left behind a long time ago.

Team Sports

Team sports are something else we largely leave behind with school. But, as an adult, playing team sports can be great fun, fantastic stress relief and a brilliant way to keep fit. You could join a local team playing sports such as netball, soccer, softball or roller derby or just enjoy a regular kick about in the park with friends and family.


Adult coloring is such a popular hobby that a lack of artistic talent doesn’t need to inhibit your creativity. Art comes in many different forms, from coloring in to watercolor landscapes. Make the most of the nicer weather by going out into your garden and trying your hand at creating a masterpiece.

Hobbies are a brilliant way to have some fun, keep fit, learn new skills and catch up with friends. Try a few things out until you find something that you enjoy and feel passionate about.