Mike Wants to Go for Basketball

Mike has started to work out with me every morning. Of course I go off running so that I can keep my weight under control and not end up having to diet. I like to enjoy the foods that I enjoy and they tend to make you fat. Mike has different objectives. He is tall for his age, over six feet tall at the age of fourteen. That means he has a bit of an advantage at basketball, but he has no heft. So he puts on his light up shoes and goes out with me to run on alternate days. On the other days he lifts weights. All of the time he is drinking these protein shakes which are supposed to help you add muscle mass if you use them in combination with regular work outs. The boy is really showing a lot more stick to it than I would have expected. He stayed with it all winter long and it is starting to show a lot of benefit.

In fact he is playing basketball with the older boys in the park, which is obviously the best way to get better. It really does not benefit him so much to play against worse players. They would not ever challenge him or show him what his weaknesses are. The way to get better is to play in competitive games. Of course there is a balancing act, because it is not really useful to play against guys who are on three levels above you. You have to be able to fight against the other guy for example, especially if you are trying to get to be a player who does his work on the inside. So he has to hunt around for the right sort of game where to start off they let him play.