Best Place to Buy the Bomber Jackets That Gigi, Bella, and Olivia Love

When you spend as much time style-stalking celebrities as we do, you start to take note of a few of their fashion habits, like slicing cut-offs at an alarmingly short length during peak it’s-too-hot-to-care summer temps or throwing a bomber jacket over anything, including post-gym looks, at the first sign of cold weather. While too-short shorts might be something that doesn’t translate as well on regular humans, this badass bomber jacket-layering trick to cool-ify any outfit is one that we can definitely get behind.

And since it looks as though the utiltarian trend is in for another strong season, we’re not going to settle for just any bomber jacket—we have every intention to slip on the bombers that are personal faves of today’s squad of It girls, including Gigi and Bella Hadid, Kate Bosworth, and Olivia Palermo. We did some serious Internet sleuthing, gathered insider intel, and located the exact pieces that our famous friends love during their off-duty days. Arm yourself with your credit card and get ready to ‘add to cart’—just in time for transitional weather.

Throw a quilted bomber in a traffic-stopping shade to turn your post-gym look into an athleisure-chic outfit. Gigi Hadid wore a

Some Reasons Why You Should Wear Menswear Shoes with Everything

Borrowing from the boys is not, by any means, an original concept, especially not since Diane Keaton made it effortlessly cool in Annie Hall or every time a French girl would drape her boyfriend’s blazer over her shoulders or clasp her father’s watch around her wrist. And these days, menswear, womenswear—it’s all one giant blur in today’s gender-fluid, free-for-all, androgyny-happy society. Yet, there’s still something to be said about the quintessential girl-boy pairing of all time: a pretty, flirty dress anchored by a pair of I-mean-business brogues.

It’s a classic combo so maddeningly simple, it’s no wonder it continues to prevail, regardless of season, year, or what’s “on-trend.” It achieves the same effect as throwing on a leather jacket to toughen up a delicate top or gripping a briefcase-like purse to add structure to a soft silhouette, but stepping into wingtip brogues or two-tone Oxfords brings a degree of versatility and functionality that the others lack. Versatile, in that, as Victoria Beckham pointed out to us on her fall/winter 2016 runway, menswear-inspired brogues can complement a look as formal as an evening dress or as casual as sporty separates (pictured, above). And functional, in the sense that your feet won’t turn

Tips to Pose in a Photo Lessons from the Street Style Set

The advent of street style has given us many things: fresh outfit ideas, haircut inspiration, and plenty of new fashion faces to follow among them. What it’s also delivered is an exhaustive study of how to look good in a picture, showing us a million different ways to move in front of camera in a more casual, IRL way than, say, that Peter Lindbergh shoot of supermodels galavanting on the beach (though, what greatness).

Why simply stand there for a photographer when you can stretch your limbs to sinewy proportions while marching confidently out of the shot? Or who needs a rather on-the-nose smile and direct gaze into the lens when you can feign all sorts of indifferent cool and importance by simply texting your roommate that you’re bored and maybe going to stop by Whole Foods from some Quicos on the way home?

With fashion week fast approaching, we put together a primer of the best poses to steal from the sidewalk step-and-repeat, in hopes that your next candid Instagram or vacation snaps be free of any awkwardness.

While some may argue that the advent of the smart phone has ruined any hope of real human connection in